Round13 co-founder and former Dragon's Den investor Bruce Croxon has five predictions for Canadian business this year, most of them tech-related - including warnings for investors in cryptocurrency and legalized marijuana (which, he notes, will rely on tech for distribution).

Published: January 26th, 2018

Why Amazon HQ2 would be bad for Toronto

One of the shiniest gems dangled by Amazon’s HQ2 is the prospect of bringing 50,000 new well-paying, knowledge-sector jobs along with it. Critics of the idea of setting up Amazon’s new headquarters in

Published on: January 22nd, 2018 Brian Jackson

Stage is set for Canadian B2B firms to scale up, former Dragon Bruce Croxon says

Canada's tech ecosystem is experiencing something of a resurgence in 2017, with few sectors illustrating its recent success better than the business-to-business (B2B) software firms who received funding from former Dragon's Den investor

Published on: August 29th, 2017 Eric Emin Wood

Pinball RPG game among ‘engage’ projects boosted by CFC

The Canadian Film Centre is launching a new development lab that will help Canadian digital firms created more engaging entertainment options, it announced today.Called IdeaBoost, the lab will focus on helping startups and

Published on: August 22nd, 2012 Brian Jackson

‘Dragon’s’ new venture capital fund aims to raise $100 million

Canadian entrepreneurs might feel like a beaten boxer that can't get up off the stool for the last round of the fight, but now there's a Dragon that's willing to help them win.

Published on: June 14th, 2012 Brian Jackson

‘Dragon’ investor raising $100 million for digital startups

Bruce Croxon, one of the investors featured on CBC's Dragons' Den, is ready to light a fire under Canada's digital startups by raising $100 million in funding. Croxon started Round 13, a new

Published on: February 28th, 2012 Brian Jackson