Prepare for disaster recovery now and mitigate the risks

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There’s nothing like a major electrical outage or natural disaster to forcibly nudge CIOs and other executives to ensure disaster recovery and business resumption plans are up to date and effective. Unfortunately, while incidents that “wake us up” serve a beneficial purpose, as time passes other priorities will often rise to the top of the list – putting disaster recovery on the back burner – often accompanied with flawed thinking: “it’ll have to do for now, I’ll make it better later”.

But later could be today. And that type of thinking will come back to bite you. From natural disasters to cyber-attacks, your systems are always at risk and so too is the rest of your business. The potential downside of delaying the implementation of a sound disaster recovery plan is huge. In a world where a competitor is a mouse click away, even the smallest amount of downtime can result in significant consequences – from the loss of customers to significant legal liabilities and financial losses. Those are not risks to be undertaken lightly or shelved until some future time before dealing with them. The good news is that where disaster recovery and business resumption once involved gargantuan efforts and came with a hefty price tag, disaster recovery today is technically easier, affordable, and can be implemented and maintained more easily than ever — thanks to new services and cloud-based disaster recovery.

So, where do you begin? Properly documented procedures and processes are fundamental to efficient, sound recovery. So too is a comprehensive plan – covering all aspects of technology and people and clearly delineating who is responsible for what. Disaster-recovery-as-a-service can help get you back up and running in no time – but it can’t get you there without you doing the upfront work – ensuring you’ve covered off all the bases. Much can also be said about the need to “practice” and having your people familiar with the right steps they need to follow should disaster strike.

More business are turning their thoughts to disaster recovery, recognizing the need to mitigate the risks. And, they are finding that there are a number of key things that everyone should know in order to make this process run smoothly. To learn more from these experiences and what’s involved in building an affordable, sound plan, you may want to attend this one-hour webinar from ITWC, sponsored by Rogers, to get an overview of the basics and to discover the advantages of cloud-based disaster recovery. Don’t hold back. Remember tomorrow may be too late.

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