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    CATA, the ‘political party’ for Canada’s tech industry, ramps up efforts to boost Canadian prosperity

    Ottawa, ON…CATAAlliance (, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group is now reaching out to the community for advice, guidance, and recommendations as part of its annual update of the ‘Competitive Innovation Nation’ advocacy Campaign.

    The Campaign is CATA’s blueprint to create an ecosystem that can improve Canada’s innovation ability and its competitive rankings.

    According to CATA CEO, John Reid, ” In many respects, CATAAlliance can be viewed as a political party, the party of the Canadian tech industry. Our focus is on ways to foster innovation and enable Canada’s economy to gain the benefits that flow from innovation. Our election platform is built from policy planks which will ensure success for Canada in the global economy. We actively encourage all of Canada’s political leaders to fully understand and embrace what it takes to create a knowledge-based economy in Canada.”

    He added, ” Our political party taps into ideas through our crowdsourced social outreach with more than 3 million viewers.  We challenge Canadians to advance one core policy or strategy they believe is critical to Canada’s prosperity. The best ideas go to our advocacy team for integration into the Competitive Innovation Nation agenda and the team then advances the blueprint to government policymakers and other influencers.”

    Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign

    • Step One: Review Advancing Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation Ranking, including CATA’s Core Policy Planks and Active Campaigns:
    • Step Two: Contact CATA CEO, John Reid, at with your advice, guidance and recommendations, and if possible support with research or source documents
    • Step Three: Confirm your interest in participating in a CATA TECHNOW video interview to discuss your recommendation(s) to a global audience

    Reid concluded, ” CATA’s Innovation Leadership Council has kick-started the latest round of consultations, by calling on all federal parties to adopt balanced budget policies with realistic targets, including 5 All Party Recommendations in this election year and to recognize that contingency funds or reserves from balanced budgets may well be needed to meet economic downturns. It is now time to voice your view. ”


    Contact: John Reid, CATA CEO at email:

    tel: 613-699-8209

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