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    2019 ERP Trends and Expert Insights: Report by Technology Evaluation Centers Now Available

    In an industry first, Technology Evaluation Centers enlisted experts from around the community to provide critical insights and advice for organizations on the ERP market landscape.


    Montreal, Canada Leading software advisory firm, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019 ERP Experts Survey Report. To garner a broad range of perspectives, TEC took a unique approach by combining its 25-year expertise in the enterprise software industry with insights from enterprise resource planning (ERP) experts including industry analysts, consultants and vendors.


    “We wanted to provide our readers with a panorama of the ERP technology landscape. It’s easy to get excited about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, but the survey brought to light that many challenges related to ERP are centered around a business’ own paradigms and processes,” said Sarah Gibson, senior director of analyst services.


    The survey covers two important areas of ERP:

    1) What is disrupting the ERP technology landscape in 2019 and what will its impact be?

    2) What are rational benchmarks, such as for budget and timeline, for a successful ERP software selection and implementation project?


    Readers can get the inside scoop on 2019 ERP market trends and predictions, including the impact of emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, and industry 4.0 trends such as digital transformation.


    Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, noted, “ERP will be a spoke rather than a hub for business process integration and improvement.”


    Additionally, unparalleled advice and insights on how to avoid costly implementation delays and successfully drive ERP projects to completion are included in the survey report.


    Ned Lilly, CEO of xTuple notes, “Engage with someone (vendor, consultant) to map your current business processes and to define your post-project business goals. It’s always money well spent, and if you do it with the right vendor, they should credit the cost against later professional services.”


    View the full survey results at:


    About Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)

    Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is a global consulting and advisory firm, helping organizations select the best enterprise software solution for their needs. TEC reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with enterprise software selection with its advanced decision-making process and support application, software selection experts, and extensive resources.

    Over 3.5 million subscribers leverage TEC’s industry-leading research and detailed information on more than 1,000 leading software solutions across all major application areas. For more information, please visit

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