Palomino Inc. has retained York University as its largest client using content-management services on its extensive Web site.

Canada’s third-largest university opted for the Toronto company’s signature product, WebPal Content Management system, initially for its research area, a few faculties

and in its technology group, says York CIO Bob Gagné.

WebPal will also manage the content of administrative departments, areas for prospective students and public relations sections, says Markus Latzel, CEO of Palomino. Palomino’s goal is to manage all of the university’s Internet and extranet sites using WebPal.

York plans gradually to deploy the platform, with the first stage being rolled out in conjunction with a large university Web design in fall.

“”Web content implementation of any product is complex and a big change in paradigm, I think, for people that are used to using other products to maintain their Web site,”” said Gagné.

“”People are used to using a tool like Web Editor, in our instance, or like Dream Weaver or Front Page or any other kind of Web site development tool. Those are good, but it’s a real challenge to maintain standard

look and feel and templates and that kind of construct.””

Watch for more on content management in the November EDGE.

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