MISSISSAUGA, ONt. – Fluke Networks Canada has released the OptiViewT T1/E1 WAN Analyzer, for portable and distributed network monitoring.

The OptiView WAN Analyzer helps the network manager, architect or engineer maximize bandwidth investment by providing data that optimizes traffic

over purchased WAN connections and minimizes mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

The new unit complements Fluke Networks’ existing high-speed WAN analyzer and integrates with Fluke Networks LAN and WLAN distributed Network Super Vision solutions.

The OptiViewT T1/E1 WAN Analyzer offers a number of benefits, according to the company, including:

* Faster problem resolution by looking at all virtual circuits simultaneously. Capture IP conversations on any specific protocol across all auto-discovered virtual circuits, without the need to specify DLCIs.

* Maximum efficiency of available bandwidth by examining link performance from physical layer to application layer. The analyzer provides real time statistics and alarms including circuit utilization, top applications, conversations and protocols. Remote packet capture can be performed if necessary, providing more detailed visibility into network traffic patterns.

* Immediate visibility of unauthorized, unidentified and missing hosts via network discovery which identifies the device type with complete address- to-name resolution.

No other WAN analyzer available offers as simple and straightforward an installation process. Users can take the unit out of the box and have meaningful data in 15 minutes. The OptiView WAN Analyzer fits into a standard half-width single-height (1U) rack space.

The unit supports Frame Relay, PPP, and Cisco HDLC in a single unit.

There is no need to buy separate units to handle these different types of traffic. It provides added flexibility to tap into the WAN link where it is most convenient through both digital T1/E1 and serial (V.35, X.21, etc.) WAN interfaces.

The OptiView WAN Analyzer series provides a complete view of the entire enterprise, from speeds as low as fractional T1/E1 circuits to as high as OC-12 links – all monitoring across heterogeneous or homogenous vendor environments.

The OptiView T1/E1 WAN Analyzer provides all three cornerstones of link monitoring – Packet Capture, Statistical Analysis and Network Discovery.

Packet capture lets the user see exactly what is traveling on the network. The Analyzer’s sophisticated filtering and capture capability lets the user select just the traffic of interest, which can then be further analyzed with OptiView Protocol Expert software. Statistical analysis provides vision into network utilization at a granular level.

Utilization, errors and alarms are monitored, showing areas of poor performance and wasted bandwidth. Application usage can also be monitored to see which applications are in high demand as well as who is using these applications. Network Discovery allows the user to immediately know all devices currently using the WAN link. The WAN Analyzer allows up to eight simultaneous users remote access to the Analyzer via a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet management port.

The OptiView T1/E1 WAN Analyzer starts at $11,168.

Contact: www.flukenetworks.ca

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