Nearly 2,000 systems administrators, database analysts dished data and disaster recovery at Veritas Vision 2002 in Dallas this week. Veritas Software braved the humidity to unveil a new adaptive architecture and a pair of programs designed to position the company at the centre of data storage. The

conference ran from April 28 to May 2.

Veritas architecture promises consistency, adaptability
4/30/02 5:00:00 PM – Customer CanFor describes its quest for backup unity after acquisition

How Statistics Canada backs up the numbers
5/1/02 5:00:00 PM – With 60 divisions and terabytes of data to deal with, the agency needed a centrally managed system. At the Veritas Vision 2002 conference, Dave McCartney explains its roadmap

Canada still flirting with disaster recovery
5/2/02 5:00:00 PM – The country is on par with the rest of the world, but that’s hardly encouraging, according to Veritas. Only 28 per cent of companies have a comprehensive plan. One analyst outlines what it will take to increase that number


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