Twitter users with the new Tip Jar feature enabled can now link it directly to a Wealthsimple Cash account to receive tips.

The announcement today makes Wealthsimple Cash the first Canadian payment service to be linked directly with the feature.

Wealthsimple Cash is a cash transferring app created by Wealthsimple, an online financial services company.  The company’s stock brokerage service stands out from others in Canada as it does not charge a commission for trades.

The Wealthsimple dropdown option when users click on Twitter's Tip Jar.
The Wealthsimple dropdown appears when users click on Twitter’s Tip Jar.

First launched in May, Twitter’s Tip Jar allowed users to more easily support creators by condensing their various support channels into a single button. Twitter explained that the feature makes sense as creators are already including PayPal, Patreon, and Venmo links in their bio. Tip Jar simply streamlines the process and reduces the number of steps users need to go through to send a tip. Having the links more prominently featured also increases visibility.

Because the feature is still in beta, only a select group of English Twitter users can add a Tip Jar to their profiles, but everyone can send tips when they stumble across an account with it enabled. Twitter is slowly rolling out the feature to more users in more languages.

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