Tech Data Canada has added key technology segments – including security, internetworking, networked telephony, storage, as well as wireless and mobility – to its marketing program lineup for 2003.

While the rollout is a portion of a larger marketing program portfolio, the latest

batch are unique because they target specific technologies instead of a customer type or vendor type, says Irene Buchan, Tech Data Canada’s director of marketing and communications. Buchan says each marketing program is aligned to a specialized business unit and will focus on a specific market.

Indeed, the goal, she says, is to provide better resources to resellers and to ensure effective communication with vendors.

Based on vendor feedback (which was collected throughout the summer), the marketing initiatives include a system builder program; a consumables and peripherals partner program; an enterprise infrastructure partner program; and a software licensing program. “We got a lot of detailed feedback from vendors including their likes and dislikes, their funding trends, availability of marketing dollars, and their plans for the coming year.”

And while vendors like relationship-type of activities, their preference is for training and education through print and e-marketing, she says. “Software vendors, in particular, really like training because their programs are more difficult to comprehend than other types of products.”

On the enterprise infrastructure front, for example, resellers can get access to XALYX sales conferences; e-newsletter reports; vendor product solution information, as well as reseller engagement events. “Particularly within our enterprise and infrastructure program, we’ve drilled down into more detail and come up with more specific verticals as opposed to just using networking as a generic term.”

The system builder partner program, meanwhile, is consistent with last year’s rollout, and gives resellers access to specialty events, promotions, resources and communications. In a bid to foster reseller/vendor relationships, key events in Toronto and Vancouver include the Year of the Ram New Year Celebration and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

The consumables and peripherals partner program, meanwhile, includes the rollout of a product guide (Tech Data will produce guides three times during the year, giving information on top selling products and innovations); access to an online resource centre; and participation at reseller/vendor fairs.

Finally, the software licensing partner program focuses on training and education. Resellers can expect Webcast seminars; business unit training; a licensing calendar with key vendor dates; and access to Tech data’s online purchasing tool, dubbed LION.

This year’s marketing programs offer a little something for everyone, she adds. “Depending on what kind of customer you are, we ha

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