The Scale AI supercluster, part of the Government of Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initaitve has received its $230 million in funding from the federal government.

Announced Thursday at the G7 Multistakeholder Conference on Artificial Intelligence held in Montreal, Scale AI is the fifth and final supercluster to officially receive its allocated funding.

According to its press release, the funding will go towards “transformation projects that will accelerate development and early industry integration of supply chains powered by AI.” (Scale AI actually stands for Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence AI.)

“Scale AI will kickstart digitization of supply chains, which is of critical importance in making Canadian companies more competitive. With our innovative and sustainable solutions, we will be contributing concretely to the international reach and influence of our companies,” Louis Roy, co-chair of the Scale AI board, and President, OPTEL said in the release.

It was announced on Thursday that the Montreal-based supercluster also received funding from the Government of Quebec, which contributed $60 million to the supercluster as well as its IVADO Labs laboratory that was created to provide support for companies looking to implement projects developed as part of the supercluster.

“With this major funding, we will initiate projects that combine machine learning, operations research and data science, affirming Canada’s leadership in the industrial application of these leading-edge technologies,” Hélène Desmarais, co-chair of the Scale AI board said in the release.

Around 120 industrial partners, research institutions and other organizations, including BlackBerry, Intel, Shopify, and Element AI are involved in the group.

It was announced last month that the Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster, Protein Industries Canada Supercluster, Ocean Supercluster, and Digital Technology Supercluster all received their funding already.

Funding received from the government of Canada is to be matched by private industry contributions as well.

Make sure to keep checking out to stay up to date with what’s going on with the $950 Innovation Supercluster Initiative and learn more about the projects each supercluster is working on.

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