Save the date: March 7 could be Apple’s iPad 3 launch date

Apple has sent out invitations to an event that presumably will involve the unveiling of the much anticipated iPad 3 tablet computer.

The event, for which Apple teases, “We have somethingyou really have to see. And touch,” is slated for 10 a.m. (P.T.) onWednesday, March 7, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SanFrancisco.

It’s been about a year since Apple showed off its market-leading iPad 2, and the new iteration –whatever it is formally called — is expected to boast a2048-by-1536-pixel Retina Display with better resolution than thecurrent screen, a more powerful processor (maybe a quad-core A6), abetter camera (8mp), bigger battery and possibly support for 4G LTE networks. Mobile news site KnowYour Cell suggests that the image in the invite lacks a “homebutton,” indicating perhaps a new twist for the iPad.

Typically, Apple has released its new iPads a few weeks afterannouncing them.

Numerous signs of late have pointed to an impending iPad announcement,including Best Buy’s price-slashing of the iPad 2 over the weekend.

Enough supposedly leaked images of the iPad 3 have now trickled outthat you can practically create a Frankenstein-like monster from themnow to get a sense of what the new tablet might look like.

According to the latest numbers from market watcher iSuppli, Apple owns57% of the tablet market, having shipped15.4 million iPads in Q4.

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