Quest attendees caught in Oracle-PeopleSoft conflict

J.D. Edwards once called its annual user conference Focus, but perhaps the current name, Quest, is a better reflection of the company’s future direction.

Instead of the usual mix of product and strategy announcements, management found itself under the microscope as clients and resellers speculated

on its future following Oracle’s hostile takeover bid for PeopleSoft, which wants to acquire J.D. Edwards. Quest 2003 ran June 9-12 in Denver, Co.

J.D. Edwards users begin Quest for answers
6/9/2003 5:00:00 PM – Customers and resellers gather in Denver to mull the tug-of-war between PeopleSoft and Oracle. We track down the Canadian contingent’s reactions

PeopleSoft-Oracle deal raises antitrust issues: JDE
6/9/2003 5:00:00 PM – Merger speculation hurts short-term sales, Dutkowsky says

JDE beats a path to customers to allay Oracle fears
6/10/2003 5:00:00 PM – For every one that hesitates “”another will move forward,”” CEO says

JDE prepares joint sales strategy amid Oracle deal
6/11/2003 5:00:00 PM – Deloitte & Touche explains its role in “”Team J.D. Edwards””

Oracle vs. PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft buys J.D. Edwards for US$1.7 billion
6/2/2003 5:00:00 PM – The financial and HR specialist acquires its way into the mid-market. Canadian users PCL Constructors, Superior Propane and the City of Oshawa discuss what the merger means to their upgrade plans

People who need PeopleSoft
6/2/2003 5:00:00 PM – Why J.D. Edwards should consider itself the luckiest software company in the world

Oracle turns tables on PeopleSoft with takeover bid
6/6/2003 5:00:00 PM – Days after PeopleSoft announces its plans to buy J.D. Edwards, the world’s second-largest software firm makes a play for its rival

Along came Oracle
6/6/2003 5:00:00 PM – PeopleSoft knew there were challenges ahead, but it didn’t count on Ellison


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