One moment in time: Google’s top searches of 2012

Search giant Google has released its list of the top search terms of 2012 for Canada and, as usual, it’s heavy with pop-culture and celebrity references.

The late Whitney Houston topped the list, putting her on top for one (last) moment in time. She finished just ahead of Jeremy Lin, the basketball phenom that sparked linsanity with the New York Knicks before heading to Houston. Actors Michael Clarke Duncan and Morgan Freeman, along with daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner, rounded-out the top five.

On Google’s list of top trending searches, which profiles the fastest rising searches, photo sharing platform Pintrest came out on top, followed by Hurricane Sandy, the Olympics, Diablo 3 and everyone’s favourite South Korean pop hit, Gangham Style.

We do have some tech-related content on this list, with SOPA ranked seventh. Short for Stop Online Piracy Act, it’s proposed legislation to give U.S. law enforcement to fight the illegal online sharing of copyrighted materials and is strongly opposed by privacy advocates and some technology companies.

Finally, in proof that all is right with the world, bacon was the top food search term of the year. Take that, poutine.

Zeitgeist 2012: Google’s Year In Review.

Source | Google Canada

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