One of the country’s biggest support services providers has created a bundled support package it says could save customers up to 25 per cent over its standard pricing.

“”The more they buy the higher the discount,”” says Glen Robertson vice-president of technical services at NexInnovations Inc.

of Toronto.

The company’s Services Plus program lets organizations choose three levels of service from a menu of products, such as deskside support, enhanced warranty coverage for servers, laptops or network printers, image restore services and installing or moving systems.

Each level has higher service, at a higher price. There is also per-set pricing.

However, Robertson wouldn’t reveal the pricing in an interview, saying “”it’s very customized.””

In addition, there are optional services available for purchase, such as integrated help desk services, hard disk data recovery and asset disposal.

“”We’ve included offerings here that I believe based on the work we’ve done are not available through any other provider in as comprehensive a way,”” said Robertson.

But one competitor, GE Capital IT Solutions of Mississauga, Ont., shrugged off the claim. “”The NexInnovations announcement is no different from what we’re already offering our customers,”” said Claude Angers, the company’s regional vice-president for Canada. “”Our customers tell us it’s the value we deliver to them with our complete suite of products and solutions that is most important to them.””

An industry analyst said the NexInnovations bundle is just another move in the highly competitive corporate support services market.

“”It’s more of a marketing thing,’ said Rob Colraine, director of infrastructure deployment at IDC Canada. “”They haven’t invented something new.””

But he did agree the NexInnovations discount appears to be aggressive pricing.

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