Bing, Microsoft Corp.’s search engine, is getting a new look – one that involves a two-column layout that will adapt to the user’s device.

With a new, bright orange logo, Microsoft has revamped its search page to be faster and more fluid for multi-screen us. The interface will also be optimized for touch devices and better search results and will receive updates in the coming weeks.

Bing search page.
Bing search page.

Slated to be to mesh with Microsoft’s Windows 8, this is the first time in Bing’s four-year history that it’s undergone any major changes. Microsoft is offering several Windows 8 apps available in the Windows Store that will integrate with the search engine:

  • Bing Smart Search, which allows users to search everything from their desktops, including the Web, maps, personal music, and videos. Results come up in a side pane view, giving users the choice of launching apps right away after finding a result they want.
  • Bing Food and Drink, which provides recipes, a wine guide, and a hands-free mode for tablet users.
  • Bing Health and Fitness app, delivering about 1,000 exercise videos, nutritional and medical references, and diet trackers to its users.

And for its other devices, like Windows Phone, Bing will also be adding voice search to its searching app. The app already generates results for local places to eat, drink, and shop. Xbox will also be making use of the search engine, allowing gamers to use voice commands to find games, music, movies, and TV shows.

Bing’s new look will be launching in Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and China in the coming months.

Find out more about how Microsoft redesigned Bing’s logo, typography, and Web page in its blog page here.

Watch Bing’s promo video here:

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