Microsoft will be partnering with 5G carriers to release Azure Edge Zones and Azure Private Edge Zones.

As its name implies, the Azure Edge Zones are edge computing services that bring data computing power closer to the edge of the network, where the endpoint devices communicate with the service backend.

By partnering with 5G network partners, Azure Edge Zones will be able to operate and extend its service using 5G and LTE networks. Azure Edge Zones with carriers is currently in preview mode.

Source: Microsoft. Click to enlarge

The goal is to bring ultra-low latency to time-sensitive applications such as gaming, game streaming, online events, and IoT.

Azure Edge Zones will be available later this year to customers on Rogers, AT&T, Vodafone, SK Telecom, and other 5G networks.

In parallel to the announcement, Microsoft last week also announced the preview of Azure Private Edge Zones to deliver private, on-premise 5G or LTE networks.

Azure Private Edge Zones solutions would be ideal for high-security applications including expanding headquarter infrastructure, factory IoT and robotics management, and private smart grid for hospitals.

Microsoft first announced its 5G partnership with AT&T in 2019. It’s now looking to bring its Azure Edge Zones with Carriers to more networks across the globe.

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