Earlier last month, iRobot expanded its robot vacuum cleaner lineup with the release of its Roomba i7 and e5 models.

The new Roomba i7 is iRobot’s new best robot vacuum cleaner. It has twice the suction power of the Roomba 960, the previous top-end model.

To pick up debris and pet hair effectively, the Roomba i7 uses a vacuum, an edge sweeper, and dual multi-surface rubber brushes to collect dirt into its bin. iRobot says its high-efficiency filter can capture 99% of mold, pollen, and allergens.

With Imprint Smart Mapping, the i7 robot learns the layout of its environment as it cleans, which it uses to create more efficient cleaning paths. iAdapt navigation technology guides the robot around obstacles and prevents it from falling off edges.

Users can schedule when and where to clean using the iRobot HOME smartphone app. Users can also control the Roomba using voice commands through Alexa-enabled devices and Google Assistant.

The i7 robot lasts 75 minutes on a full charge and can automatically return to its base when it runs low.

Users can pair the robot with the Clean base, an optional accessory that the robot vacuum uses to drop off collected dirt. Every Clean Station disposable bag can hold up to 30 robot bins of dirt.

Also released is the Roomba e5 robot vacuum. The Roomba e5 doesn’t support advanced smart features like Imprint Smart Mapping, cleaning reports, and customize cleaning preferences. In turn, it comes with a longer 90-minute battery life and a lower price.

The Roomba i7 robot vacuum can be had for $899. Users can purchase the clean station as for $429, or nab the i7+ robot and Clean Station bundle for $1,249. The Roomba e5 is available for $599.

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