Twitter says it will add an edit button if everyone wears masks, TikTok is being flamed by hacktivist group Anonymous, Tesla is now the most valuable carmaker in the world.

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Like a parent baiting a desperate kid, Twitter says that it would implement an edit feature if everyone wore a mask. The promise is of course for fun, but the message has real implications. As Canada exists the peak of the pandemic, the danger of a second wave remains and everyone should wear masks to help curb the spread. Other countries, like the U.S. and Brazil, are still struggling to contain the outbreak.

Anonymous Hackers Target TikTok: ‘Delete This Chinese Spyware Now’ from technology

TikTok has been under fire recently for a slew of data privacy concerns, and it has gained the protests of the Anonymous hacktivist group. Anonymous is unidentified in scale and refers to a collective belief rather than a group of individuals, which has been pushing people to delete TikTok through its twitter feed. In one Tweet, the group referred to the app as malware operated by the Chinese government running a massive spy operation. TikTok’s data collection practices have been put under the microscope when a self-proclaimed engineer on Reddit who supposedly reverse-engineered the app to reveal a list of things TikTok collects. The U.S. government had been warning its users about the privacy concerns of the app. India had pulled the app altogether.

If you’ve bought a Tesla for flexing rights or wanting to help the environment, know that you’ve helped it to become the most valuable car company in the world. Trending on LinkedIn, Tesla said it delivered over 90 vehicles in Q2 2020 despite the pandemic. With its new valuation, Tesla has bumped off Toyota as the most valuable carmaker in the world, and even beats out animation giant Disney.

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