Two Twitter employees have been charged in spying scandal; Bernie Sanders calls for the breakup of Facebook; China implements a video game curfew for minors

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Two former Twitter employees and a Saudi national have been charged with helping the Saudi government spy on dissidents in the country, and it is trending on Google. The criminal complaint says that the two employees used their credentials to gain access to the profiles of individuals that the Saudi royal family found of interest. While Twitter has said its mission is to prevent such uses of its platforms, it is being sued by one of the victims of this incident, who claims that Twitter failed to notify him or prevent it from happening.

In the wake of internal documents from Facebook that were released by NBC news on Wednesday, Bernie Sanders is calling for the breakup of the tech giant, and it is trending on Reddit. The documents, which show the manner in which Facebook leverages user data as a bargaining chip with external app developers, included internal Facebook emails, web chats, notes, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Are you a parent who cannot get your kids to cut down on their video game time? Well if you live in China, your prayers have been answered. The country has implemented a video game curfew for people under 18, and it is trending on LinkedIn. The curfew will prevent minors from playing between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. As well, weekday playing time will be limited to 90 minutes a day and there will be an in game spending limit.

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