Reddit surpasses Facebook to become the third most visited website in the U.S., Waymo is getting more than 60,000 minivans, and California approves some strict net neutrality rules.

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After surpassing Facebook earlier this week, Reddit has joined Google and YouTube on the podium. The social media website is now the third most popular website in the U.S. Google continues to dominate at number one, YouTube at number two. But Reddit does surpass its competitors when it comes to daily minutes logged on the website. Reddit users spend more than 15 minutes per day, compared to Google’s seven minutes and YouTube’s eight-and-a-half. Reddit also boasts some impressive daily page views, with 9.7.

Ever wanted a self-driving minivan to ferry you around? Well, Alphabet Inc’s autonomous driving branch Waymo is going to make that happen. Chrysler will supply Waymo with up to 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica minivans later this year. Waymo, which says it has self-driven 6 million miles on public roads, recently said it was on track to launch the world’s first self-driving transportation service later this year, which will allow passengers to use Waymo’s app to request a vehicle. Waymo has been testing its self-driving taxi service in Mountain View, Austin, and Kirkland and Washington.

And lastly, the fight for net neutrality in the U.S. continues. The California Senate recently voted to approve a bill that would reinstate the net neutrality regulations slashed by the FCC in December. The bill would establish rules similar to ones that were in place before, but would also specifically ban providers from participating in some types of “zero-rating” programs, in which favoured content doesn’t contribute to monthly data caps. After receiving final approval last month from the Office of Management and Budget, the federal net neutrality rules are set to end on June 11th, leaving states to legislate their own. California would be the third state to pass a net neutrality law, following Oregon and Washington.

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