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Trending on Reddit, people older than 65 are more likely to share fake news. After examing the behavior of 3,500 US study participants before and after the US presidential election, researchers found that 11 percent of users older than 65 shared a hoax on Facebook versus just 3 percent of users between 18 to 29. The study could not conclude why older users are more susceptible to fake stores, but researchers think it’s due to the lack of digital literacy and cognitive decline.

Love your job? Well, AI could replace it in as close as 15 years. According to Kai Fu Lee, a leading AI expert in China, up to 40 percent of the world’s jobs could be done by machines within 15 to 25 years. Lee warns that jobs at risk include not just blue-collar work, but repetitive white-collar work as well. Professions most at risk include driving jobs and customer service. To drive his point home, Lee says that AI tools are already being installed in Chinese classrooms to gauge student’s interests. Do you think AI will steal your jobs? Feel free to let us know on social media.

Get ready to lose more space to Windows update. Trending on Google, Microsoft is testing a function that reserves 7 GB of storage space for system updates. A drive low on space is one of the main reasons updates fail since there’s no room to unpack the installation files. The reserved space will also store a backup image in case the operating system needs to roll back. Thankfully, it’s currently in testing phase, so there’s still some time to declutter your hard drive.

If you’re an IT pro interested in cloud security, don’t forget to attend the Jan. 17 Cloud Security Summit being held in downtown Toronto. ITWC’s own CIO Jim Love will be one of the many speakers. Admission is free and registration details can be found on the events page of www.ITWorldCanada.com. Thank you for listening to HashTag Trending, I’m your host Tom Li, and I’ll see you next time.

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