Google abandons tablet market, Amazon leases more cargo planes, Samsung asking Apple to pay fine.

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Trending on Reddit, Google has decided that tablets just aren’t worth it and canceled two unreleased products. This means that the Google Pixel Slate won’t be getting a sequel. When IT World Canada reviewed the Pixel Slate in January, its glitchy operating system reduced its the appeal of its beautiful hardware, earning it a lukewarm verdict. We had hoped that a revision would solve its issues, but it looks like that won’t be happening anymore.

Trending on Reddit, Amazon is adding 15 more cargo planes into its fleet. After losing a FedEx air-freight contract, Amazon is looking to improve its shipping capacity by leasing 15 Boeing 737-800 cargo planes from GE Capital Aviation Services. The new lease is part of Amazon’s goal of increasing its plane count to 70 by 2021. In addition, Amazon announced plans to build a $1.5 billion airport to supplement its fleet. More Prime one-day shipping, anyone?

Lastly, trending Google, Samsung is asking Apple to pay a fine for not meeting display purchase quotas. According to the Korean publication ETNews, the missed sales target is largely attributed to slumping iPhone sales, which dropped by 15 per cent. Samsung’s own Galaxy lineup also sold fewer units than expected, exacerbating the display sale issue. Neither Samsung or Apple has said how much the fine is for, however.

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