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Gmail filters out more spam; retract your Facebook messages; new Chrome extension lets you know if your account’s been hacked.

Gmail is the latest Google product to receive an AI treatment. Trending on Reddit, Gmail now filters out an extra 100 million spam messages every day. This accomplishment came after Google integrated its TensorFlow machine learning framework into the email suite. Even without TensorFlow, Gmail’s existing filtration system already blocks 99.9 per cent of all spam, but with over a billion users, hitting that elusive 100 per cent is impossible without more advanced AI tools. As technology continues to be refined, expect more personalized spam filters and criteria.

Like me, like you, and like everyone else, we’ve all experienced the regret of sending unintended messages. With Facebook’s new “unsend” feature, however, we can now retract our regretful words for up to 10 minutes. To delete a message, hold down on the text bubble and select “remove for everyone”. While the content will be hidden, all participants in the chat will be notified that a message has been deleted. This new feature will roll out to both Android and iOS users.

Having your account credentials stolen without your knowledge can be a nightmare, which is why Google released a new Chrome extension that detects stolen account details. Trending on Google. the new extension, called Password Checkup, matches the credentials you type in against a database of 4 billion stolen accounts. Once it detects a match, it will prompt you to change your password immediately.

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