A company out of Israel claims it can hack into all iPhones as well as many Androids; 3.5 million signatures were collected in support of net neutrality in the US; Tim Cook calls Facebook a chaos factory

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With much of the country joining in the Toronto Raptors victory celebration, we find ourselves in a bit of a slow news day in Canada.

But that does not mean nothing happened, as we find 3 stories trending on Reddit today.


First up we have a story that may make iPhone users a little nervous. Cellebrite, a company based out of Israel, has claimed it found a way to break into any iPhone ever made, as well as many Android phones. Cellebrite , which was reportedly the company that aided the FBI in hacking into the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter after Apple refused to help, has been chastised by many in the industry for allegedly possessing information regarding flaws in the phones, but refusing to share those to help the devices be improved. This revelation came in the midst of an update to its website promoting the iPhone hacking technology called UFED premium.


Next up we have some big news surrounding the fight for net neutrality in the USA. On the one year anniversary of the FCC’s repeal of all net neutrality protections, a collection of advocacy groups delivered 3.5 million unique petition signatures to Senator Mitch McConnell in support of net neutrality. While steps have been made to regain net neutrality, Senator McConnell declared it dead on arrival in Senate last year. Hopefully this showing of support from the public can change that.


And lastly, another bad day for Facebook in a seemingly endless stream of bad days for Facebook. Already the favourite punching bag for many in the tech industry, Facebook heard some harsh words from Apple CEO Tim Cook and early Facebook investor, Roger McNamee. Cook criticized all social networks as chaos factories, while McNamee said that Facebook specifically turns its users into data voodoo dolls.


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