Foldable displays, immersive gaming and the future of imaging

We’ve come a long way from tiny black and white televisions. And even our own high definition world may look quaint compared to some of the future of display technologies being demonstrated this week at the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas.

One of the key imaging trends at CES? Bendable displays. Samsung is among the vendors showcasing flexible OLED technology that can curve around devices. A prototype smartphone had its flexible display bend around the side, allowing information to be viewed if the phone was on its side. A USB stick with a roll-out display was another potential use case demonstrated by Samsung. Gorilla Glass, Corning and LG Electronics are among the other vendors also exploring the technology. LG demonstrated its first OLED TV, which boasts a curved display that makes for better viewing from more angles.

Microsoft is also looking to innovate imaging and display with IllumiRoom. A project of Microsoft Research, it uses the Xbox Kinnect motion tracking technology and projects lights and images onto a gamer’s walls so it feels more like they’re in the game.

Courtesy Microsoft Research.

Source | Network World

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