A Toronto-based content marketing and live publishing SaaS platform is boosting its big data capabilities with the acquisition of a New York City-based influence analytics marketing platform.

ScribbleLive announced its acquisition on Wednesday of Appinions Inc., developers of an influence analytics marketing platform that is built on natural language processing and social network analysis technology. The vendor says combining ScribbleLive’s data centric content workflow and publishing platform with Appinions’ deep data technology will create an even more powerful content marketing platform for data-driven marketers.

“By enabling over 500 brands such as Red Bull, PwC and Oracle to serve up the right content at the right time in the right place online, ScribbleLive has been validated as the platform for planning, creating and distributing content,” said Vince Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive, in a statement. “Acquiring Appinions’ deep data science patent protected technology allows our customers to optimize every stage of the content marketing lifecycle. Marketers can optimize their campaigns by quickly finding, tracking and connecting with opinion leaders who are most likely to influence a trend, idea, product or brand.”

By integrating the Appinions data engine into the ScribbleLive platform, customers will be able to plan, measure and optimize their marketing content by figuring out what topics are trending, who the key influencers are in a given vertical, and what influential content they can choose to curate.

The Appinions platform is based on statistical machine learning methods designed to analyze subjective language in online text and identify not just where opinions are mentioned, but categorize it by topic, opinion holder and sentiment.

“As the buyer’s journey continues to evolve online, content marketers are assuming responsibility for a larger part of the sales funnel and need to put the vast sea of online content into context,” said Larry Levy, co-founder and CEO of Appinions, in a statement. “This acquisition creates a unique platform that will disrupt a critical sector of the growing $45 billion content marketing industry. In today’s complex marketing landscape, we are enabling content marketers to analyze opinions and influence on a mass-scale so they can strategically plan, execute and measure effective content marketing programs.”


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