The Cohesity Helios mobile app. Source: Cohesity.

Published: April 20th, 2020

Data management platform Cohesity now allows mobile data management through its new smartphone app.

The goal of the Cohesity Helios mobile app is to provide a mobile platform for IT personnel to monitor the security of their data clusters. App functions include alerts for potential threats detected by Cohesity’s machine learning threat detection suite. When the system detects abnormal encryption activity on their data clusters, users will be alerted through the mobile app. That includes potential ransomware attacks, according to the company.

In the case that the threat actor manages to compromise the data, Cohesity offers restoration at scale to reduce downtime.

Through its Dashboard, users can keep tabs on data cluster health, storage capacity, and data sources including virtual machines and applications. It also provides monitoring for data cluster version information and storage performance metrics, as well as case files for suspicious activities.

With data backup as its key focus, Cohesity offers all-in-one solutions and software-defined, web-scale platform to roll back up, development, and analytics into a single management point for data stored in AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Through merging, data is less fragmented and could communicate with each other to deliver better value through analytics.

The Cohesity Helios mobile app is available on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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