Bringing dating technology to your job search

Searching for a job and searching for a significant other are both popular online activities, and both activities have inherent similarities: you want a match that challenges and enriches you, and fits your interests and temperaments. They’ve generally been separate activities though – until now.

A Vancouver start-up has launched Sokanu, a free web site designed to help young people explore their career choices by matching their personal interests and characteristics to find the right career for them.

“I first had the idea for Sokanu as an 18 year-old senior in high school when I saw my peers consciously pursuing careers and areas of study that were just not right for them. Sokanu’s goal is to provide a comprehensive, simple, and actionable place for people to confidently find the best career fit for them and a path to achieve it,” said Sokanu CEO Spencer Thompson in a statement.

If you’re destined to be a scientist, Sokanu could show you the way.

After registering, users answer questions to produce career options that match their character. The site’s career-matching algorithms are based on both individual and career group characteristics and the questions seek to identify both personal and work-related characteristics. The idea is this more holistic approach produces career matches better suited to your personality, not just your skillset.

There’s also a Facebook app that lets users share career matches with friends and see which friends in their networks are similar and could help them in their career path.

Source | Sokanu

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