You might think workers in the tech industry would consider a job with Apple Inc. or Google Inc. the holy grail of their field, but an analysis of turnover at Silicon Valley’s top companies suggests otherwise.

According to salary and career research website Paysa, which analyzed more than 8200 job postings and 70,000 resumes as part of a larger study of hiring practices at 10 leading tech companies, the average tech giant employee leaves their job after fewer than two years.

In fact, of the companies analyzed, only Facebook Inc. had an average retention period of more than two years.

Courtesy Paysa. Click for a larger version.

Paysa based the companies it chose to analyze on value, investigating five “tech titans” – public companies which made their initial public offering (IPO) more than 10 years ago and now have a current valuation of more than $100 billion USD – and five “disruptors” – privately held or public companies whose IPO was held in the past decade, and which enjoy a current valuation of more than $10 billion USD.

You can check out more data from Paysa’s study, including the top skills in demand at tech titans and tech disruptors (in case you’re wondering, both groups look for computer science and management among their top three, but disruptors value infrastructure, while titans value software development), here.

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