Startup accelerators are becoming more and more common in Canada, with facilities, expertise and mentorship to offer to fledgling startups. Their assistance can be invaluable to an inexperienced entrepreneur trying to turn an idea into a business, but how do you get their attention?

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This was the topic of a panel at the 2013 Launch festival last week in San Francisco, and reports on the advice the panelists, primarily start-up accelerator founders, had for start-ups that want to get their attention, and their expertise.  Here’s a sampling:

  • “You have to be product-obsessed. (And) if you can be talked out of being an entrepreneur, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.” – AngelPad partner Thomas Korte
  • “We filter for personality. We work with these people in the pit for months. We are creating a sustainable community, looking for people who are going to give back.” – Halle Tecco of Rock Health

There was some disagreement on whether or not you should exclude “talented jerks” with Facebook founder Mark Zuckberg being used as an example (sorry, Mark). One panelist noted you wouldn’t have wanted to miss out in Facebook, while another notes there are plenty of talented people out there that aren’t quite as abrasive.

Source: What Accelerators Really Want in Start-up Founders

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