One of the premier creative visual toolkits is now easily accessible to professionals using one popular 3D workstation.

HP announced that users of its Sprout 3D computing system can now download Adobe Illustrator CC from the Sprout Marketplace and via Adobe Creative Cloud.

“With every new application, Sprout enables creativity of beautiful artwork,” said Eric Monsef, HP’s vice-president for highly immersive systems, said in a statement. “With Adobe Illustrator available for Sprout, artists can create when inspiration strikes.”

This partnership could be a real boon for designers, artists and other creative professionals who would like to take their digital creations and turn them into 3D artwork. Adobe Illustrator is one of the top tools for designing vector illustrations, charts and graphs, logos, drawings and more. And its availability on the Sprout Marketplace means Sprout users can build complex digital designs to be turned into a physical, 3D creation.

HP’s Sprout system hails itself as the premier desktop workstation with 3D scanning capabilities. And when paired with HP’s Dremel 3D printer, those vector drawings created in Illustrator can be turned into a real 3D creation.

“Optimizing Adobe Illustrator for Sprout by HP empowers artists, designers, and creatives,” said Michael Ninness, Adobe’s senior director of product management of web and graphic design,  said in a statement. “With Sprout, designers can easily incorporate physical objects into their illustrations and convert them into vector art by scanning them directly into the application for instant creativity.”

This system expansion is all part of HP’s “Go Make Things” campaign, which is intended to illustrate the various creative possibilities for Sprout users. Meant to serve as a source of inspiration for current and prospective Sprout owners, the campaign is a collection of films and mini-documentaries portraying people from different walks of life using the Sprout workstation in a variety of creative ways.

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