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The Business Leadership Podcast: Dr. Laura Lee Copeland MD HealthTech

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Mindfulness has been a buzzword for this year. Can business leaders practice being mindful? Will it benefit their organization? All these questions

The Business Leadership Podcast: Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles, co-founders of The Bridge Experience

How does a couple mix business and pleasure? Join me as I sit down with power couple Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles, founders of The Bridge Experience. As co-founders and co-creators of what they call

Published on: September 6th, 2018 Edwin Frondozo

Catherine Boivie: Apple or Samsung, that’s the question – and iPhone X is the answer! (part 3)

This is the concluding blog on my question of which company's device I should adopt: Apple or Samsung? I am a longtime iPhone user, and wouldn't have considered switching if it weren't for

Published on: September 4th, 2018 Catherine Aczel Boivie

Catherine Boivie: Apple or Samsung? That is the question (part 2)

As mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago, I have started seriously researching the differences between the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S9 to determine whether or not I should

Published on: August 30th, 2018 Catherine Aczel Boivie

A summer of growth: Venture Day 2018

By Next Canada Staff On Aug. 14, the culminating day of 2018’s Next Founders and Next 36 program took place at the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto. Twelve Next Canada ventures pitched

Published on: August 23rd, 2018 ITBusiness Staff

The Business Leadership podcast: Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost Inc.

Ross Andrew Paquette is the founder and CEO of Maropost, North America’s fastest growing marketing automation company, as ranked by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. After founding Maropost in 2011, Ross has gone

Published on: August 14th, 2018 Edwin Frondozo

The Business Leadership podcast: Laura Denham, chief creative officer at Notable Life

With over 15 years of broadcast, events, content, theatre, and games Laura Denham has added to her long list of achievements, becoming a Chief Creative Officer at Notable Life. She was a

Published on: August 7th, 2018 Edwin Frondozo

Catherine Boivie: Apple or Samsung? That is the question

My iPhone 6 Plus’s contract is up. Its storage is full and its screen is cracked. It's time I faced the music: I need a new smartphone. Normally I'd just select the next

Published on: August 7th, 2018 Catherine Aczel Boivie

Toronto tech startups lead the Bay Area?

Everybody knows that costs for tech startups in the Bay Area are crazy. Pundits have predicted that these high costs could, maybe, someday, blunt the Bay Area’s edge. "Someday" was apparently last month.

Published on: August 7th, 2018 Geoff Foulds

Fitbits, Twitter and domestic violence

The England – Columbia knockout round match at the World Cup had a very serious public health message. And the internet of things and social media play a role. In the latter stages

Published on: August 7th, 2018 Geoff Foulds

The Business Leadership podcast: Hal Elrod’s 6-minute ‘Miracle Morning’

Hal Elrod’s incredible story started out when he was a young salesman of Cutco Kitchen Knives. After six months of his sales career, he broke the company record for having the fastest sales

Published on: July 31st, 2018 Edwin Frondozo

The Business Leadership podcast: Hamza Khan of Student Life Network

Today, Edwin chats with Hamza Khan, Managing Director of Student Life Network, keynote speaker, and author. He empowers people and businesses to transform ideas into action. Hamza is also a faculty member at

Published on: July 17th, 2018 Edwin Frondozo

The Business Leadership Podcast with Edwin Frondozo, Chief Product Officer at Slingshot VoIP

On today’s episode, Edwin Frondozo, the Chief Product Officer at Slingshot VoIP and host of the podcast, takes the opportunity to describe how he finds balance when he continually adds new things to

Published on: July 10th, 2018 Brian Jackson

The Business Leadership Podcast: Jacqueline Leung, founder of Pressed

Jacqueline is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pressed. Not a news junkie by any means, she created Pressed because it’s a product that she needs. Prior to launching her first startup, she spent

Published on: July 9th, 2018 Edwin Frondozo

Why startups fail, and how to fix it

When you survey startup failures you reach a surprising conclusion - many people still blame a lack of engineering talent. In my experience, technical failures stem from the supply chain being unable to

Published on: July 5th, 2018 Geoff Foulds