Surface Studio First Impressions – All Hands on Tech

    The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s new all-in-one desktop, but the tech giant doesn’t want you to call it that. To Microsoft, the Surface Studio is in a category of its own.

    This week on All Hands on Tech, we had a chance to check out the Surface Studio at Microsoft’s Canadian launch event at GeleSkin Studios in Toronto. The event featured art created by Toronto artist Lloyd Arbour. You can check out more of Lloyd’s art here.

    With a 28 inch PixelSense display that is just 13 mm thin, and the ability to tilt to 20 degrees makes this new device perfect for marketing and art departments. The pixels of the display are so tiny they barely even register, and everything, whether it be text, pictures, or videos, looks superb on it.

    The Microsoft Surface Studio will be available in Canada on April 20. It starts at $3,999 and can be found at the Microsoft Store.

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