Entrepreneurs are often told that they must perfect their elevator pitch if they expect success with investors. But the Brightlane Entrepreneur Awards is really taking that phrase literally with its competition that will award 16 participants a six-month membership at a Toronto-based workspace and a shot at $15,000 award.

The competition invited entrepreneurs to deliver a 60-second elevator pitch, literally in an elevator, to try and win a six-month membership to Brightlane’s co-working space. If the entrepreneur manages to impress the judges enough, they are invited to give an extended five-minute pitch in person. ITWC’s president Fawn Annan was one of the members of the four-person panel.

So ITBusiness.ca is bringing you a weekly video series that will track the progress of the participants in the awards program. Follow along as the entrepreneurs aim to please the judges enough for entry into the six-month program. Later in the series, the field will be trimmed to five finalists that will win an additional six months in the co-working space. Finally, a winner will be declared and receive $15,000 in funding.

In episode four, it’s time for the finals. After surviving the elevator pitch round, only a few entrepreneurs will be given a chance to develop their business for six months in the Brightlane workspace. Who will survive nerve-wrenching final pitch and ruthless grilling of the judges panel? Watch and find out.

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