Backstage with Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner for the City of Toronto [Technicity]

    ITWC partnered with the City of Toronto to co-host Technicity on Dec. 3, 2015. The day brought together leadership within the organization of the city, Toronto’s technology leaders, and influencers from elsewhere to discuss both the opportunity and the challenges brought by the Internet of Things to municipalities. We’re featuring a series of interviews we conducted on that day here. You can watch the entire playlist here

    After her panel at Technicity, Toronto’s chief planner talks about how the Internet of Things could play a role in solving some of the city’s most critical challenges. With public transit, the Toronto Transit Commission is implementing automatic training control, and seeing a higher level of service delivered as a result. But to win public confidence, the City has to do a good job of communicating the benefits of a big technology investment.