All Hands on Tech: Varidesk adjustable desk

    I’ve been standing at my desk lately and it’s great. The best part is when I got tired, I had the option to sit down and keep working with the Varidesk Adjustable Height Desk.

    It turns out Winston Churchill was wrong. There are a lot of reasons about why should stand when you can in fact, sit. Health advocates are calling sitting “the new smoking” and encouraging office workers to find ways to adjust their positions more often.

    Varidesk makes that easy. Just grip the handles on both sides and squeeze to adjust to the sitting or standing position. You can hear the desk lock into place with a click. The product is easy to set up too. You just take it out of the box and put it on your desk. It weighs 35 pounds so don’t hesitate to get a friend to help you. There’s no assembly required.

    Varidesk starts at the cost $325, and I think it is worth it for my health and productivity. There’s also a bigger model available for $350 that will fit two monitors.