All Hands on Tech: DreamMaker OverLord 3D Printer

    This week on All Hands on Tech, Alex takes a deep dive into the DreamMaker OverLord 3D printer. We’ve had a lot of fun printing all sorts of fun objects around the office, but is this affordable, futuristic-looking 3D printer worth it?

    The OverLord was originally kickstarted back in early 2015 by DreamMaker, a start-up based out of Shanghai. While we we received the regular OverLord, the OverLord Pro is currently the model on sale in Canada. It can be purchased for $1,396.48 on

    We’re newcomers in the 3D printing space, but the OverLord is supposed to be a highly mobile, easy to use device. In the video we discuss whether or not that is the case, and showcase some of the cooler features we’ve found, as well as a few gripes. Plus, a time lapse of our Eiffel Tower print!

    Check out what Alex thinks about the device in the video above.

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