Telework pilot heartily embraced by Ontario public service staff

When Carrie Burns-Solitar invited her colleagues to apply for 20 available spots in a telecommuting pilot, 66 wanted the chance to work while wearing a bathrobe and flannel pants. It was a high-interest

Published on: October 29th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Creating the coolest workplace in the world

John Berry, who as head of U.S. Office of Personnel Management is responsible for the needs of 1.9 million federal workers, wants to improve the working conditions of government employees by increasing telecommuting

Published on: September 28th, 2009 Patrick Thibodeau and Tam Harbert

Swine Flu expected to cause huge disruptions in U.S. workplaces

The U.S. federal government is worried about the Swine Flu (official name: 2009 H1N1 influenza virus). There have been predictions by experts of two or three times the normal number of flu related

Published on: September 2nd, 2009 Scott Bradner

How to setup a telecommuting Mac for $300

"No man is an island," John Donne famously wrote--but Donne predated the era of telecommuting by almost four centuries. As someone who lives on the other side of the country from most of

Published on: September 1st, 2009 Dan Moren

20 Tech Habits To Improve Your Life

Technology is supposed to make life easier, but it doesn't seem that way when you're struggling to wrangle 289 new e-mail messages, dealing with a hard-drive crash, or suddenly realizing that you left

Published on: August 3rd, 2009 Gina Trapani

A simple way to get around Rogers’ DNS re-directing

Rogers Communications Inc.'s practice of re-directing faulty DNS requests to a server hosting advertising-laden Web pages is irksome and potentially unethical, but there's a way for telecommuters to get around it, says an

Published on: July 7th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Child’s play: How to work from home and take care of the kids

Whether your boss finally gave you the green light to telecommute or you're setting out to do business on your own, congratulations--and welcome to the wonderful world of working at home. Good-bye, rush-hour

Published on: April 7th, 2009 Rick Broida

Telecommuting brings big benefits to companies, staff

I love my morning commute. Sometimes, there are delays, though, thanks to a pile-up or a clean-up effort. The pile-up, however, is generally just laundry that needs to go into the wash. The

Published on: March 12th, 2009 Ted Samson

Top 5 tips for success when working from home

Not many people can claim to have been telecommuting for as long as Jack Nilles has been untethered from office life. In 1973, Nilles coined the terms "telework" and "telecommuting," and he's been

Published on: March 9th, 2009 Thomas Wailgum

15 things this telecommuter misses about the office

What do I miss about working in the office? Let's start with the way to any man's heart: his stomach. See related stories: Sharp rise in telecommuting as Canadian firms strive to cut

Published on: February 27th, 2009 Thomas Wailgum

Five chilly lessons telecommuters can take away from ice storms

When I woke up on Friday, Dec. 12, our house in southeastern New Hampshire was dark. The previous evening an ice storm coated trees, roads and power lines with a layer of ice

Published on: January 13th, 2009 Robert Lemos

Seven Essential Ways to Cut Your Tech Costs

Whether your business has just two people or two hundred, these tips can help you cut costs, save money, and let you focus on what's really important: the bottom line.1. Use Open Source

Published on: November 2nd, 2008 Alexandra Krasne

Telecommuting test – six questions to see if your office is ready

Telecommuting is back on workers' radars in a big way these days, thanks to gas prices that are a whopping 30% higher this summer than last.Wannabe telecommuters are lining up outside their bosses'

Published on: August 22nd, 2008 Tam Harbert

High gas prices drive businesses to Web conferencing

Though high fuel prices have dipped in recent days, airlines are preparing for tough days ahead by cutting routes to certain cities, adding fees for luggage, food and pillows, and warning of fare

Published on: August 13th, 2008 C.G. Lynch