Get into financial shape and out of debt with these free sites

Now that you've finally filed your 2008 taxes, how about starting out on a new foot and getting your finances organized? Next year when tax time rolls around, you could be sitting pretty

Published on: April 22nd, 2009 Daniel A. Begun

New online tax scams and how to avoid getting ripped off

Scam artists exploiting tax season have devised a range of new online cons: fake tax documents that contain malicious surprises; mass distribution of keyloggers aimed at snatching the identity of PC-based tax filers;

Published on: April 1st, 2008 Tom Spring

Software tools ease tax time blues

For many small business owners, tax time brings on a migraine – or a full-blown panic attack. Even if they're using an accounting software package or working with an accountant, they may not

Published on: February 25th, 2008 Vawn Himmelsbach