Three quarters of Canadians own a smartphone, and other highlights from StatsCan’s latest tech data

Canadians are a tech-savvy bunch, according to the latest Internet and technology-related data from Statistics Canada. In an infographic released on Nov. 14, the agency revealed just how many Canadians own a smartphone

Published on: November 22nd, 2017 Eric Emin Wood

Canada’s households are changing, so marketers’ should too

The 2016 census data released by Statistics Canada last week, which focused on the country's households, offers a great deal for marketers to chew on. For starters, while CMOs probably didn't need official

Published on: August 10th, 2017 Eric Emin Wood

Sharing economy reached over $1 billion in Canada last year: StatsCan

A new Statistics Canada report has found the sharing economy, based on digital platforms that enable people to rent out skills and resources such as ride services to others, is increasingly playing an

Published on: March 6th, 2017 Mandy Kovacs

How to keep your cool when everyone around is losing theirs

Budget cuts. Layoffs. Doing more with less. Sound familiar? CIOs are suddenly tasked by management with putting out fires on multiple fronts as businesses struggle to survive amid the economy's smoking ruins. Oh,

Published on: February 26th, 2009 Kristin Burnham and Patricia Wallington

All in the numbers

If data were girth, Statistics Canada would be expanding at an alarming rate. At an average growth of five per cent a month, it was quickly getting to be too big for its

Published on: February 6th, 2007 Kathleen Sibley