Control this new spy drone with your iPad

Brookstone has previously caught the attention of gadget lovers with its remote controlled line of toys that includes the Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter - a flying machine you control with your iOS device and

Published on: October 31st, 2011 Nick Barber

Mikogo offers reliable, free remote desktop sharing

If you're reading this, you may well be the go-to "tech guru" for your friends and family. Think back to the last time you tried to help someone with a computer problem over

Published on: August 9th, 2011 Erez Zukerman

Smart TV remote figures out who you are

The development of "smart TVs" is also leading, not surprisingly, to the creation of a smart remote as well, thanks to Intel. At the annual Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Intel

Published on: July 21st, 2010 Patrick Thibodeau

14 fabulous things you can do with your iPhone and Blackberry

Smartphones are intelligent, but with the 14 tips and tricks in this story, they could approach genius territory. We'll show you how to run seven separate devices from your iPhone, how to play

Published on: May 1st, 2009 Zack Stern

Dirty dozen – 12 Web tricks that put you in control

So it's Friday afternoon, the weekend is just around the corner, and you're up to no good. Rather than waste your time turning monitors upside down around the office, why not update your

Published on: August 29th, 2008 Adam Pash