The first Canadian Technology Leaders awards. March 26.

Published: March 27th, 2014

Five iPhone flaws that drive users up the wall

While the Apple iPhone is known for its great simplicity, some apps drive users absolutely crazy. The problems stem largely from the poorly designed ways that certain apps manipulate the iPhone's touch features,

Published on: September 22nd, 2009 Tom Kaneshige

How to fix the 10 worst things about Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a nearly ubiquitous presence in PC computing - and, seemingly, a universally reviled one. Outlook has countless features, ranging from e-mail gathering to calendaring, contact tracking, to-do list creation and

Published on: January 14th, 2009 Preston Gralla

Eight strategies to build a strong tech support team

Technical support workers can act as a company's frontline ambassadors of good will and play a vital role in client retention. However tech support teams are most effective when themselves supported by company

Published on: April 14th, 2008 Nestor Arellano