Virgin Media taken offline by Pirate Bay Web attack

Virgin Media suffered a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on its website at the hands of The Pirate Bay supporters yesterday.The Virgin Media website was taken down during the DDoS attack, which

Published on: May 9th, 2012 Anh Nguyen

How to work with e-mail and Web pages when you’re not online

Although the Internet seems to be everywhere these days, there are still times when it's beyond your reach--on a plane, for example, or anyplace that lacks a handy hotspot. But you can still

Published on: March 10th, 2009 Joe Kissell

G-mail’s much touted message sifting doesn’t seem to work

One of the most fascinating aspects of Google's recent announcement of offline capability for Gmail was this: The company says when it stores your messages foroffline viewing,it tries to choose the most interesting

Published on: February 9th, 2009 Edward Albro