Six simple ways to give the “fair sex” a fairer deal

Also see: How to attract more women to IT jobs Although men and women may have the same motivations, women are, perhaps, more outspoken about their desire for flexible work schedules, work/life balance,

Published on: April 3rd, 2008 Esther Schindler

Succeeding in the high-tech boys club

My, how times have changed: A woman, Hillary Clinton, is a serious contender to be the next U.S. president. But maybe they haven't changed all that much: According to the National Center for

Published on: March 27th, 2008 Ephraim Schwartz

Backstabbers, career breakers, emerging megatrends – what all IT workers should watch out for

Caution: Watch for backstabbers, career breakers and emerging megatrends.That warning should come with each IT job, but it doesn't. As a result, most IT professionals have stories about the ones they never saw

Published on: March 24th, 2008 Mary K. Pratt

One of the hottest jobs in IT and how to acquire the skills for it

Job description: In IT circles, the Applications Architect title has become overused in the past five years and a lack of consensus has set in regarding its definition. "It's a very nice sounding

Published on: March 3rd, 2008 Juan Carlos Perez