Google Image Search ads a great advertising opportunity

Google, in addition to announcing a redesign of its Image Search on Tuesday, also launched a new ad format called Image Search Ads. The ads, which appear only on Google Images, allow advertisers

Published on: July 27th, 2010 Jeff Bertolucci

12 Promising New Web Sites and Services

Recently we saw the battle of the Web 2.0 conferences, with 70 entrepreneurs presenting their ideas at Demo Fall 2008 in San Diego and 50 more making their pitch at TechCrunch50 in San

Published on: September 29th, 2008 Edward Albro

Video – CEBIT: Vodafone demonstrates image-based search

Vodafone demonstrates image-based search. The service was launched commercially as Cebit began and allows newspaper readers to take shots of articles and receive related video on their cell phones. The Cebit show was

Published on: March 23rd, 2008 Nick Barber