Give your videos a touch of pro adventure with GoPro HD

This one tip will make your videos better: Move the camera to meet your subject. If you’re shooting children, get low. If you’re shooting skyscrapers, try an aerial view. And if you’re shooting

Published on: October 27th, 2011 Russ Juskalian

Hands on with BlackBerry Playbook at CES

Launched here at CES after much speculation, Research In Motion’s first foray into tablet computing, the BlackBerry PlayBook, will hit the U.S. market as a Sprint 4G (WiMAX) device by March.As a 4G

Published on: January 7th, 2011 Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Handheld HD camera showdown – great video without great expense

You've seen them at school plays and tourist attractions: intent amateur videographers wielding typical camcorders with flip-out viewing screens. However, if you're a blogger, tweeter and or other mobile communicator, you need something

Published on: July 17th, 2009 Matt Lake