10 powerful Microsoft Excel tips to have you working faster, smarter

Excel puts lots of great tools on your desktop, but what each one of them does isn't always obvious, especially since so many Excel features are hidden. Would you like to create multiple lines of text

Published on: January 27th, 2012 Helen Bradley

Five awesome Excel tips to make your data come alive

Whether you're using Microsoft Excel 2008 ($549.95 in Canada as part of Office 2008 for Mac - Standard Edition) or 2004, you need some tricks up your sleeve for easing day-to-day tasks, such

Published on: August 25th, 2009 Sharon Zardetto

Don’t mess with malware – a clean wipe of your system is the best response

Most people I meet who have found malware on their computer regale me with a cat-and-mouse story of the fight and the painstaking steps they had to take to remove it. When it

Published on: March 10th, 2009 Roger A. Grimes