SMBs have growing need for high performance computing, big data

In many ways, high performance computing is still more of an industry concept than a real strategy among Canadian SMBs. Yet high performance computing (HPC), data mining and big data are only going

Published on: May 28th, 2013 Candice So

How to prevent bad guys from getting at your personal Google data

Google is nearly everyone's best friend. But have you ever stopped to think about just how much Google knows about you? Do you realize that Google may have recorded and stored every single

Published on: May 26th, 2010 Logan Kugler

Unforgivable: Ignorance and apathy about user privacy can no longer be tolerated

The Wall Street Journal’s discovery about the shady privacy practices of some of the world’s largest social networks came as a surprise and probably won’t help any of the big names they mentioned.

Published on: May 21st, 2010 Claudiu Popa

Botched bombing attempt reveals weaknesses of data mining

Saturday's botched bombing attempt in New York City provides an example of why the use of data mining approaches to uncover potential terrorism plots is a little like weather forecasting. "You definitely need

Published on: May 6th, 2010 Jaikumar Vijayan

Business intelligence cures complexity, cost overruns in Canadian hospitals

When a recent outbreak of C. difficile – a common intestinal bacteria caused by the use of antibiotics – cropped up at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington, Ont. they had a new

Published on: March 25th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Air Miles flies high with BI

LAS VEGAS – For some Canadian companies the road to business intelligence adoption is often hampered by a bad case of putting the marketing plan cart before the data horse."The marketing plan should

Published on: October 5th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

CentralView warehousing tool promises better analysis of customer data

Media, communications and entertainment firms typically deal with massive amounts of customer data entering their systems each day. However, a large amount of this information is rarely "mined" in a centralized manner, according

Published on: September 22nd, 2007 Nestor Arellano