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    The survival story of a Canadian publishing icon offers real-life lessons on digital transformation

    A frank & personal account from the inside at IT World Canada

    Toronto – If it weren’t for the efforts of two industry leaders, Canada’s rock star IT publications would be gone forever. Now, Fawn Annan and Jim Love are telling their personal story of how they saved IT World Canada in a new book “Digital Transformation in the First Person: Surviving and Thriving in a Hypercompetitive Era.”


    For people in the technology sector, IT World Canada is an iconic Canadian business-to-business publisher. The covers of its Canadian CIO magazine were the techie-equivalent of the ‘cover of the Rolling Stone’. If your picture hit the cover, you had indeed ‘made it’ in the industry. But the publication came perilously close to disappearing as the forces of digital disruption hit print publications around the world.


    ‘Digital Transformation in the First Person’ tells the story of how Annan and Love turned around the futures of the failing publisher. It takes you through each step as of the company’s digital transformation, including frank descriptions of painful moments and personal triumphs.


     “We didn’t call it digital transformation at the time,” says the book. “We called it survival.”  


    What they have done and what they have learned in the process is of enormous value to every company that now faces the forces of digital disruption. Whether your company is well on its journey or whether you are just embarking on your own digital transformation, this book is a must-read – a first-person narrative of a real-world story. It offers “excellent lessons and insights into digital transformation and its impacts on cultures, technology, and people,” said one Amazon reviewer. The authors have also prepared a digital transformation resources kit to share the lessons they’ve learned.


    Buy the book, ‘Digital Transformation in the First Person’  on Amazon.


    About Fawn Annan

    A multi-award-winning publisher and media strategist, speaker and lecturer, Fawn Annan is the President and CMO for IT World Canada, and CMO for Amazing Agency.


    About Jim Love

    Jim Love is the CIO and Chief Content Officer at IT World Canada. Over the past 4 years, Love has worked with Fawn Annan to make IT World Canada one of the leading digital publishers in the B2B space and a case study in digital transformation.


    Media contact:  

    Steve Proctor
    VP Marketing and Communications

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