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SalesChoice Inc. showcased as a remarkable software business in “The Remarkable Effect”, a book for tech-entrepreneurs “on-a-mission.”

February 10th, 2020 | Toronto, Canada SalesChoice Inc. has been showcased as a remarkable software business in “The Remarkable Effect”, a new book, released and authored by Ton Dobbe, a Tech Growth Innovator. 


The “Remarkable Effect” is designed to help and inspire tech-entrepreneurs in the software industry to stand out in their category and unlock remarkable value for both their customers and themselves – exponential value versus just incremental.


  • The book answers the question: ‘What defines a Remarkable Software Business?
  • Author, Ton Dobbe, also provides a 10-Step Framework that tech-entrepreneurs can leverage to be seen, heard, and understood and create sustaining growth momentum.


‘When I founded my business in September 2017, I started to see a disturbing pattern. Many software companies started off around a big idea, solving a sizable problem and went on to build a great team and operate at full speed and energy. However, although they gained traction over the years, the majority hit roadblocks and struggled to create the momentum they dreamt of at the outset. Many of them didn’t get the recognition they deserved for their innovation and the impact that they had created. Too often, they were not being seen, heard, or understood. Sadly, fair or not, most recognition went to the companies that had the biggest budgets, the loudest voice, and were perceived as the safest choice. With this nobody won; we were undermining real potential. I realized something is broken around the way we define and recognize success. Too many software companies today define their success by their size and quarterly growth figures. I believe success should be about the difference we help our customers create, and what we help them become as a consequence. That triggered me to write, “The Remarkable Effect,” says Ton Dobbe, Author and Founder of Value Inspiration.


Ton mentions how he got inspired by SalesChoice Inc. because of it being a prime example of the value one can unlock when we shift focus from our own success to the success of our ideal customers. He goes on to say “SalesChoice has successfully started off solving a sizable and meaningful problem, of increasing B2B Sales Win Rates using AI, one where they are uniquely exceeding expectations. And that’s where everybody wins. SalesChoice is also building a culture that transcends not just products and services, rather they are embracing the full potential of their customer’s uniqueness in their Responsible AI methods. So everything they do is visible to their customers. What I also think is remarkable about SalesChoice is their CEO, Dr. Cindy Gordon. She shares her knowledge with not just her customers, her employees, but with the community ecosystem at large.”


Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, SalesChoice says in the book that: “The problem we are solving is that 30 to 60% of sales professionals don’t make their sales plan targets or quotas in the B2B market segment. The process is broken and no one is really challenging this. In this ‘Age of Distraction,’ sales professionals have one of the hardest jobs in the world. This is why the sales process is ripe for transformation: not by removing people from the process, but by improving our human/machine interfaces that combine the best of people with the best of technology. We have been able to achieve over 95% predictive accuracy on sales forecasting, and also in predicting our client’s wins and losses before they happen. We also answer the why and so our customers could lead with Responsible AI facts versus BlackBox AI, where predictions are made but you don’t know why.” 


Dr. Cindy Gordon goes on to say, “We also help companies with poor data quality data become ready for AI. At SalesChoice, we are very values centric and we believe in sharing our knowledge to ensure AI is Remarkable, Explainable and Responsible. Being Remarkable unlocks new energy to sustain our tech entrepreneurial journey.”


About Value Inspiration  

Ton Dobbe is the Founder of Value Inspiration, a strategic product marketing expert and recognized global influencer on marketing, AI, and Innovation. With over twenty-eight years of experience in enterprise business software, he advises, consults, and speaks with tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission (start-ups to Fortune 500) to deliver the change they seek to make in the world in the most remarkable and impactful way. He also hosts the weekly Value Inspiration podcast, with the sole purpose of sharing compelling stories of the value we can unlock when technology and people blend in the right way.

About SalesChoice Inc.

SalesChoice Inc. is solving a sizable market problem, increasing the win rates of B2B sales professionals using Responsible AI methods, leveraging their AI Insight Engine Platform.™ The company also has a Professional Services Division which develops and builds Predictive AI models, leveraging their AI Insight Engine™ Platform to: predict VIP Customers, fraudulent behaviors, customer churn, optimal yield, forecasts, and people buyer-seller fit profiling. The company has educational relationships with The Forbes Business and Technology School, and The Bedford Group to advance AI literacy to Board Directors and C-Suite. The company has received many recognitions: including: Top 20 Technology Companies in Canada 2020, 2019 AI Leader of the Year Award, from MindbridgeAI and CATA, the 2018 Digital Transformation Award for AI Disruption from ITWC (IT World Canada) and many other awards for their Responsible AI position. SalesChoice is a Salesforce ISV Partner, and part of the IBM PartnerWorld. The company also has an Open API validation with NetSuite.

About SalesChoice

SalesChoice Inc. is an award-winning AI Guided Selling Company, specializing in B2B Sales Challenges, bringing leading-edge AI cloud capabilities in: predictive forecasting, account and opportunity scoring, relationship analytics and guided insights for its clients. SalesChoice Inc. also offers AI and ML Strategy, Transformation and Educational Services to advance client modernization needs. SalesChoice is the recipient of the 2019 AI Leader of the Year Award, from and CATA, the 2018 Digital Transformation Award for AI Disruption from ITWC (IT World Canada) and many other awards for their outstanding innovation leadership. SalesChoice is also a Forbes Business and Technology University Artificial Intelligence (AI) Board Advisor.



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